Here are the pic's from my latest project.

There is now a new version of the MIDI trigger controler

 The new unit has the following enhancement larger case72 switches* and a lamp connector.

*( at this time only 64 are active) 

1.   I made a template in Corel Draw and placed it on top on this box.

2.   Used a center punch to make a set mark and drilled the mark with a 1/16" bit following with a 7/16 bit also drill back of panel for MIDI socket and coax socket ( power plug ).

3.  Used a small flat file to notch the bottom of each hole to allow for the switches key tab.

4.  Installed all the momentary switches and bussed one side of each switch to a common point also installed the MIDI and coax panel mount   sockets.


5.  Lay the PC board on the frame,  punched the bottom  for the screws that hole it to the frame.

6.  Mount the PC board


7.  Solder each lead of the 16 pin ribbon cables to the remaining lug of each switch and cut a short MIDI cable  into to get one to solder to the socket. Do the same to a coax power cable. ( watch the polarity )



Parts List for the NEW version 2.0 MTU ( MIDI Trigger Unit )