Studio Mixing and Mastering.

I started recording our band in 1974-75 with my friend in his garage. We started with a 2 track open reel and moved up to a 4 track ( Teac 3340S ). I was soon hooked. In the 80s I started working with MIDI recording software and digital audio software recording to computers.

Fast forward 22 years and I found myself behind a SSL 4000G and tracking with two 3324 Sony 24 track digital tape machines synced. I have tracked at many professional recording studios around the world but as of late I, as many have found the benefit of starting a project at your home studio in a relaxed environment.

Below are pictures of some of the gear I use in my home studio.

At the heart of any mixing studio is your speaker. I have three differant speakers sets plus a active Sub for 5.1 mixing.

I use a 4K 27inch primary monitor and a 1080 secondary monitor for plug ins or video playback. I use many DAW recording software apps.
ProTools, Cubase, Studio One, Saw Studio, Finale and many others.
I use RME and MOTU interfaces. I have Mic pres from SSL, Neve, Red 47 and others. I have 1176, LA2A, 160A Comps. The numbers seem to go on and on…. but the most important thing I have are my ears and years of experience.